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I’m pleased to announce that my short story “Room 505” is featured in Naked, the second Uno Kudo anthology. Uno Kudo Vol. 2 is currently available on Amazon at the special introductory rate of $19.99. Not only was I a contribution to this second anthology, I was proud to serve as an editor.

What is Uno Kudo, you ask? I’d write something clever, but I’ll let the fine folks at Uno Kudo speak for themselves:

There wasn’t a doubt: there would be an Uno Kudo Vol. 2. The first book was a best seller on the anthology list and raised a nice amount of money for a worthy charity. But following the first book, a strange thing happened. The writers and artists who were included began to talk. They picked up telephones and said, “Oh hi, hello—so strange that we’ve never hung out before.” They bounced emails back and forth—“Wanna help me drink this vat of Pinot Noir?” Parties sprung up. Snail mail popped into mailboxes: birthday cards, odd little handwritten notes. These people had all fallen in love with each other. They started talking. Collaborating. Plotting. Devising. They took vacations together. It was baffling. This kinda’ thing wasn’t supposed to happen anymore.

An art collective. A modern day art collective. Really?

Yup. It spans the U.S.A. and it’s spreading … inching out daily. Like the Blob … Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Boulder, Brooklyn, Upstate New York, Chicago … that Johnny Cash song, I’ve been everywhere man … Sure! Sea to shining sea. Europe too. Pins on the map in Japan, South America, anywhere there’s a somebody leaving a light on. We’d like to come to your town—absorb you just like the Blob did. We’re friendly though. We’ll slather you in neon DayGlo paint and … well, lots of things will happen.

There’s a place for you here in Uno Kudo. Read. Look. Write. Create. Speak. Buy me a drink. I’ll buy you a drink. We’ll get naked and things will glow with an impossible hum—reverberating with a tinge of welcome danger.


The Editors

Born out of both an admiration for our respective talents and a love for one another, Uno Kudo is literally a labor of love, and something we want to share with the rest of the world. I am lucky to have gotten to know just about everyone who’s collaborated on both volumes, and even more fortunate to call these people my friends. I love them and miss them greatly.

Okay, enough of my gushing…an added bonus to this anthology is that we’re pleased to announce that 100% (yes, 100%!) of all proceeds will be donated to PEN International! For 90 years PEN has been a global literary community protecting free expression and celebrating literature. Providing grants, awards and support for persecuted writers around the world, Uno Kudo believes that not only is PEN the perfect charity to receive Volume 2’s proceeds, but we also could not have a better role model as the Uno Kudo community of writers and artists look to the future.

Our first anthology, Ripped, was released last fall. Thanks to the incredible outpouring of support from friends and family, the first volume went as high as #6 on Amazon’s Best Selling American Literature Collection. You can still order your copy of Ripped from Amazon.

At this time, Uno Kudo Vol. 2 is only available in paperback format. There are plans to release it in digital format next spring, so stay tuned for further updates

For another glimpse into the creative process behind the contributing minds featured in Uno Kudo, Vol. 2, check out Bud Smith’s excellent interview of the very talented and even lovelier Erin Parker.

So if you’re looking for something a little more provocative for your next reading material, then please consider Naked. You’ll be feeding your mind, you’ll be supporting freedom of expression, you’ll be exposed to some up-and-coming mega-talents, and you’ll get the chance to read one of my stories. It’s a win-win for everyone, you as well.

If you can’t purchase a copy, or you’re on the fence – and why would you be on the fence? – then please consider following Uno Kudo on Facebook and subscribe to Uno Kudo’s Blogspot page for further updates.

I’ll leave you with this brief yet tantalizing trailer for Naked. And please consider Vol. 2  as a nice Christmas gift for yourself or a stocking stuffer for others. While you’re at it, buy Ripped as well.

Thanks for reading!

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