This Blog Needs a Reboot

Like the Batman series after Joel Schumacher was done cinematically defiling it – and thinking George Clooney looked great in a nipple-enhancing Batsuit – this blog is beginning to seem a bit thin for me. It needs some new ideas. A fresh coat of paint. Maybe some new furniture, too.

Going forward, you’re going to see a different perspective from this blog. Yes, there will still be more dispatches from the writing front. But I will start to emphasize more topicality, blog posts that interest me far beyond what’s been part and parcel of this great little blog of mine over the past couple of years. Back when I used to blog over at MySpace, way back when (you remember MySpace, don’t you? Admit it, you loved it there, so much so that you were even friends with Tila Tequila: hell, I sent her a friend request, which she accepted, just so I could dump her as a friend. HAH! Take that, you attention whore!…where was I), a lot of my blogs were stream-of-consciousness efforts about anything that came to mind. Random thoughts and observations. I’m thinking of doing the same thing here again. Just to keep things interesting.

I’m saving Fridays for specific posts. On Fridays, I’ll post blogs about my favorite things, whatever’s keeping my attention these days. One such favorite things I’ll serialize over the coming months is my list of 101 Favorites: Favorite Films, Favorite Books, Favorite Albums. Each entry on these lists has a short paragraph or two that tells the story why they’re favorites of mine.

Finally, I’m going to redesign this blog site. I’m going to toy with some different themes, and give this site a well-deserved makeover.

What won’t change is the writing you’ve come to expect from Out Where the Buses Don’t Run. Not only will it not change, but it will get better. And I hope you’ll be there for the ride.