So You Want To Be a Guest Blogger, Huh?

I’ll be frank here: one of my 2014 goals has been to blog with more frequency, at least 2 to 3 times per week, but I’ve been involved in a trio of projects at work that are breathtaking in scope and breaknecking in pace. With the exception of last night’s post about “releasing the bats” I haven’t been able to give my blog a lot of attention lately.

Here’s where you can help me. There are going to be times when I really can’t keep my blog as updated as I’d like. Now, you, as a guest blogger, can pinch hit for me when I can’t post regularly. Think of this like when Garry Shandling used to guest host the Tonight Show whenever Johnny Carson would go on vacation. Did I just compare myself to Johnny Carson? Yup.

This isn’t anything new I’ve done. Some of you may recall I solicited requests for guest blog posts some time last year, and several bloggers contributed some terrific guest posts. Check out a sample of them in my Guest Blog Posts page. If you’ve done a guest blog post before, I’d love to have you do another one. If you’d like to take part in this for the first time, don’t be shy, make yourself heard and I may just post your guest post. May? Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I will!

Besides, it’s a win-win. Your blog gets some fresh new hits, and I, of course, can fill in the blog post gaps with some quality guest post from some of my favorite bloggers, as well as some new voices demanding to be heard. So BE HEARD! Step right up!

Seriously, I’d really appreciate this. So many of my readers are some of my favorite bloggers, so it would be my pleasure to host your blog posts. Of course, I would be delighted to do the same. So what do you say? Want to have a go?

Now before you submit any queries for guest blog posts, I would like to point out the guidelines for being a guest blogger her at Out Where the Buses Don’t Run:

  1. Message me at if you’re interested in participating, along with a quick summary of the topic you’ll be blogging about.
  2. Blog Topics I’m Interested In: 1) Anything having to do with writing – your experiences as a writer, whether as a published/self-published author, the decision to become a writer; any experiences you’ve had with publishers, editors, agents, etc.; if you’re a publisher/agent/editor: any advice you can dispense to my readers. 2) Anything having to do with life – the secret of life, why marriage is awesome/why marriage sucks (???), crazy stories from your past and what you’ve learned, you being crazy. In other words, use your imagination.
  3. Blog Topics I’m NOT Interested In: There are thousands of blogs out there that will teach you how to best take advantage of search engine optimization, or how to use the Internet to make money, or what the latest fashions are. This isn’t that blog, and I’m not interested in hosting any pieces relating to topics like that.
  4. Please provide a short 2-3 sentence bio, written in the third person. Feel free to promote your website, Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc. Personal photos are also welcome, if you’re inclined.
  5. Once I give you the go-ahead to submit a guest blog post, please do not ask when your guest blog will be posted. I will let you know when your post goes live, so you can repost and share on your own site/Twitter feed/Facebook page/etc.

Sounds good?

Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks again!

3 thoughts on “So You Want To Be a Guest Blogger, Huh?

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