Call For Submissions – “Too Much: An Anthology About Excess”

We’ve all got stories of overindulgence. Yeah, everyone. Don’t kid yourself. Everyone’s got a story of a time, or a lifetime, when if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

That time you ate your weight in barbecue pork.

Too much time on Facebook or Twitter. Like days on Facebook or Twitter.

That morning you decided to run a few miles more, and your feet were blistered, and your nipples bled. (Okay, sorry for the visual)

That weekend in Vegas, full of hookers and blow and duct tape and..

Actually, fuck your Vegas story. Everyone’s got a Vegas story. Got a different story of excess, involving a weekend full of hookers and blow and duct tape…at the Vatican?

Interested in telling your tale of excess? Then read on. My compadre Bud Smith and Unknown Press want to read your stories.

Call For Submissions: Too Much: An Anthology About Excess

Unknown Press is putting together a new anthology, print and ebook.
Send creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, flash, interviews to:

We’re looking for writing that finds its own way, in under 5000 words. Creative non-fiction is preferred, ie. true stories that happened to you. But, we’re open to other forms. Try us.

Send as many submissions as you’d like, just keep it under 5000 words. For example, an essay at 2500 and a short story at 2000 words is perfectly fine. Wanna send 4 pieces of flash at 500 words a piece? Feel free. Please attach the sub. to the email as a word doc.

The topic ‘Too Much’: humorous, strange, bizarre, touching, poignant. We’re looking for stories, essays, poems that touch on the most extreme experience you’ve had with drugs, alcohol, sex, any and all addictions to things considered good or known to be bad, whether that’s the internet, video games, a job, a relationship, a personal goal, even writing itself. Bring the weird. Bring the surprising and enlightening. Bring the falling over and seeing stars.

Submissions are open from 1/5/14 until 3/1/14, pub. date is estimated around July 4th, 2014.

Payment will include one contributor copy of the paperback book, mailed to you. One free ebook version of the anthology. A discount code will be given to all contributors so they can purchase copies for themselves ‘at cost’.

Thank you for your time and energy. Muchas gracias.

13 thoughts on “Call For Submissions – “Too Much: An Anthology About Excess”

  1. Yeah, I got an email about this and am considering it. Not that I’ve ever been excessive, mind you. Oh boy…what happens at the Vatican stays at the Vatican (but I’ve got the Fisherman’s Ring, so let your imagination run wild).

    Nice “selfie.”

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