“First Time: An Anthology About Lost Virginity”

Would you like to read an anthology of short stories, essays, and poems all circling around a memorable-yet-cringe-inducing subject: losing your virginity? Of course you would! Then “First Time: An Anthology About Lost Virginity,” is the anthology you want to read.

I’m pleased to announce that my short story “Late Bloomer” is one of the four dozen stories, essays, and poems featured in the new anthology, “First Time: An Anthology About Lost Virginity.

Edited by Bud Smith – who, by the way, has a new novel out right now, called Tollbooth, and you should read it, along with other projects he’s working on (and, seriously, does that man ever sleep? That bastard) – First Time is a unique collaboration from forty-eight writers and poets, all of whom strike an emotional chord on the subject of losing one’s virginity. I can’t recommend it enough, regardless of the fact that my story is one of the many stories in this anthology. Every story runs that emotional gamut one feels about having sex for the first time, from awkwardness to relief to complete embarrassment, and they’re all told with such grace, power, and humor. And I’m glad that many of the writers featured in this anthology are writers whom I consider to be my friends.

First Time is available in paperback on Amazon right now.



8 thoughts on ““First Time: An Anthology About Lost Virginity”

    • Yours is the story right before mine. Of course, I had to check out my story first, for the pure thrill of having my work in print. Then I read yours. I learned something that day. Top notch writing, Karelia!

  1. Reblogged this on Karelia Stetz-Waters and commented:
    I hadn’t written a short story in over ten years, so it was very exciting to see my work here. My story poses the question: how does a gold star dyke know when she has lost her virginity? The other writers in the anthology are also excellent! Check them out. They rock.

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