Day 2 – 10 Favorite Things (July Blog Challenge)

(I was supposed to submit this yesterday, but things fell by the wayside, so here ya go.)

Day 2 – 10 Favorite Things

  1. Coffee. The essential beginning to my day. And to the middle of my day. And sometimes to the end of my day as well.
  2. Air drumming. Some people love to air guitar. Me, I love to air drum. I even have my own sticks. That fierce drum break Neil Peart drops in the middle of “Tom Sawyer?” Yeah, there’s no way I can resist not air drumming to that. It’s probably because I’m jittery by nature, which is why I’m constantly tapping my fingers, but this air drumming penchant of mine drives my wife nuts, and I look like a lunatic at red lights.
  3. Soccer. I remember the first match my father took me to: a closed-circuit viewing of the 1978 World Cup second group stage match between Argentina and Poland, at Madison Square Garden. Argentina won, 2-0. From that game on, my love affair with the game has grown exponentially. I’m a junkie for the sport. Saturdays you’ll find me glued to the TV watching my beloved Manchester United, and next summer, you bet your ass I’ll watch every single match of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Hell, if I could go to Brazil to watch a few games, I will.
  4. Unagi. Freshwater eel to the rest of you. Yep. I frickin’ love unagi. I could eat it by the dozen. Unagi would be my last meal if I were a convicted man on death row.
  5. A well-organized bookshelf. Book nerdgasm at its finest. There’s something that appeals to my obsessive-compulsiveness about a well-organized bookshelf. I guess everything can be chaotic, but those non-fiction hardcovers better be alphabetized by author last name!
  6. Bourbon. Maybe the one thing I’ve truly accepted since I’ve relocated to the South some thirteen years ago. Not that I needed to have lived in the South to have truly come to love a fine Bourbon, but it’s helped to have come across some fantastic, and dare I say expensive, bourbons that aren’t called Jim Beam or Jack Daniel’s. That stuff is swill. I’m talking truly quality bourbon, like Evan Williams, or Basil Hayden’s, or, some absolutely fantastic stuff like Pappy Van Winkle’s. Nothing like a fine sipping bourbon on a warm summer day.
  7. Running. Not that it gives me great pleasure, but it helps to clear my mind. I’ve done a lot of my best thinking while on some good long runs, and I’ve plotted some of my writing on some runs as well. I have something of a testy relationship with running, but on the whole, it’s a favorite activity of mine.
  8. Orbit Peppermint Gum. Since I stopped smoking seven years ago, I’ve been looking for something to cure my oral fixation. Okay, not really, I don’t really have an oral fixation. I’m just fussy about the kind of gum I chew. I prefer a long-lasting gum. For me, Orbit Peppermint Gum is exactly that gum, the kind of long-lasting gum I love to chew on. So much I’ll pop two sticks in my mouth at a time. Hey, they keep my teeth strong and my breath fresh. Can’t beat that.
  9. Composition Notebooks. You can get them at any store for less than a dollar these days. They’re so simple, yet I find them elegant, and comforting; they remind me of my childhood. They’re what I use to write my works-in-progress in, and I keep dozens of them handy.
  10. John Coltrane’s version of this song. Just listen for yourself.

(Be sure to check out Jcc Keith’s take on her 10 Favorite Things as well.)


8 thoughts on “Day 2 – 10 Favorite Things (July Blog Challenge)

  1. Excellent list. I sure can relate to some of these…coffee. 🙂 Oh, yes, Composition notebooks. Love those things! And pens. Now about air drumming…I worked in middle school. Do you know how much of this I saw in my career? LOL, I bet it’s a great stress reliever, depending on which side of the sticks you’re on.

    • If the next sushi joint you go to doesn’t serve unagi, leave at once. No self-respecting sushi establishment would be caught dead without having unagi on its menu.

  2. Dang me dang me oughta take a rope and hang me this is the third try at commenting but WP keeps messin’ with me noodle. Anyway – Gus, you a funny guy! Ironic moment: moi just published a Huff n’ Puff blog the other day re: list making: Anyway, the first two comments were much better, but I guess I’m commented out now. See ya round. J.

  3. Coltrane … Ahhhhhh……

    And one of the best feelings ever comes after the successful completion of a Sunday long run.

    Happy Fouth, Gus!

  4. I’ve filled a lot of compo books, but now I’ve switched to spiral notebooks–easier to write on all the pages when I can fold them back completely.

    And non-fiction should be organized by subject, not necessarily by author.

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