Can You Judge a Book By Its Cover, Part Three: A New (and Better!) Book Cover

I mentioned in a previous post this week that I was redesigning the cover to my book, Out Where the Buses Don’t Run: Seven Years of Rants, Raves, Dirty Jokes and Bad Ideas From a Small But Loud Corner of the Blogosphere I’d go into some fanfare about the cover and the lengthy process between the cover designer and I, but why bother? The cover design was settled in less than a week, with ideas tossed via e-mail between that time. At first, I was apprehensive, considering I’d never worked with a graphic designer before, but he came highly recommended. The best part? How easy it was to work with the graphic designer, Steven Novak at, and how receptive he was to my ideas. My worries were gone pretty quickly, what worries I had. So if you’re looking for a high-quality cover design from a high-quality cover designer, I can’t recommend Steven Novak enough. His prices are competitive and very affordable. And tell him I sent you.

But enough of me blathering about the cover design process. You want to see the cover, right? Alright, scroll down.

Keep scrolling.

Keep going.

Alright, here we go, the new cover!

















So what do you think?

Out Where the Buses Don’t Run is now available in its second edition right now via Kindle. The paperback edition should be available for purchase on Amazon next week.

Stay tuned, next week, I’ll post some more news about giveaways and Kindle discounts. And if you’re looking for something funny to read while lounging poolside and sipping some pina coladas, why not download yourself a copy of Out Where the Buses Don’t Run and enjoy some laughs. You won’t be sorry.

(Click on the image of the book cover to the right of this blog; it’ll take you to the Amazon page. Yeah, that’s how it works. Awesome!)

Thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “Can You Judge a Book By Its Cover, Part Three: A New (and Better!) Book Cover

  1. I think you nailed it Gus. Much improved over the last time around. I like the in-your-face title font and the splash of color on the scarf. The guy on the cover looks like he’s getting ready to tell me a dirty joke, launch into a rant, or give me some bad advice.

  2. Nice big bold print and easy to read. Eye-catching. I’ve had the best experience myself working with a cover designer. She’s making my 5th cover now. It’s amazing the kind of talent floating around. Looks great, Gus.

  3. Now this is more like it! Sorta what I was referring to when I made suggestions with your last cover. GREAT font choice, plus, the mixed sizes—tres chic and current. Easy readability, not overwhelming…very Kerouac. Love the silhouette and scarf. This truly fits your personality and voice. Very nice, Gus, and congrats on all your accomplishments.

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