Hey You, Wanna Write a Guest Post on My Blog? Sure! We All Do!

(And with that title said, you’re thinking about Sally Struthers, aren’t you? Of course you are)

"Defying Inequality: The Broadway Concert" - Arrivals


Alright, dear readers, it’s dawning on me that I’ve been a bit too busy lately to blog as much as I would like. I’ve got a lot on my plate right now that’s keeping me from blogging the 3-4 times per week that I would normally like to blog. I’m sure I can still squeeze out a blog once a week, but frankly I’d like this blog to remain regularly updated.

This is where you come in. How would you like to be a guest blogger? I’m taking volunteers; any bloggers who’d like to post one of their blogs on my site, just let me know. Whether it’s an original post or one of your greatest hits, it’s your call. And it’s your call on what your topic of choice can be. Want to blog about the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Go for it. And please do, because I’m seriously behind on all things GOT. Want to blog about theories of international politics as they apply to the latest Justin Beiber hit single? Do it? Blog about your work in progress, your favorite blanket, a delicious recipe for rhubarb pie, whatever floats your boat. Just give me something I can post.

Besides, it’s a win-win. Your blog gets some fresh new hits, and I, of course, can fill in the blog post gaps with some quality guest post from some of my favorite bloggers, as well as some new voices demanding to be heard. So BE HEARD! Step right up!

Seriously, I’d really appreciate this. So many of my readers are some of my favorite bloggers, so it would be my pleasure to host your blog posts. Of course, I would be delighted to do the same. So what do you say? Want to have a go? Sure, we all do.

Thanks, guys!


14 thoughts on “Hey You, Wanna Write a Guest Post on My Blog? Sure! We All Do!

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  3. Gus I have a cosmic inkling that you and I are perhaps the same person, Siamese twins sawed in two and left to go wreak havoc on the left and right coasts, respectively. Or maybe it’s a cosmic tinkling. Oh. In fact I’m sure it is (be right back).

    Ahh. Ok. It would be privilege to guest a post. I yak over yonder in Limboland, aka Adventures in Limboland. http://www.adventuresinlimboland.blogspot.com. I’ll grab something simpatico and send it your way. Thanks, Gus!

    • Awesome, Jeb. I took a peek at your Adventures in Limboland blog, and I have to agree about the simpatico thing. I’d be honored to host a guest blog from you. Feel free to send something along my way.

      Thanks for stopping by, and come again!

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