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20130130-121309A week ago, I did an interview on my compadre Bud Smith’s show, the Unknown Show. On the show, we discuss Out Where the Buses Dont’t Run and the roots behind the book. I also mildy insult Stephen King, the pros and cons of moonlighting behind the counter of a Burger King drive-thru, and I shamelessly compare myself to Philip Roth. Yeah, Philip Roth.

No wonder Philip Roth has retired.

At any rate, we chatted for about 15-20 minutes, and as always, I had fun shooting the shit with Bud. The interview is posted on Bud’s BlogTalkRadio site, the Unknown Show. Jump to the 23rd minute to begin my interview, although it’s worth listening to the first 23 minutes of Bud’s interview with author/blogger Jesse Bradley; Bud and Jesse wax philosophically about Highlander, whisky, and Florida rednecks. Well worth listening to this interview. In fact, the entire show is worth listening to.

I’d also be a lousy friend if I didn’t make mention of some good news: congrats to Bud and his new bride Rae on their recent wedding! All the best to you and your lovely new wife, my friend.


As of this afternoon, my blog is now being followed by more than 500 readers. That’s a nice round number that pleases me, actually.

500 readers means I’m part of an exclusive club – how exclusive, I don’t know – but I’m pleased to be part of this club. 500 means something, just like the 500 Home Run Club. Although the 500 Home Run Club just doesn’t seem to have quite the same cachet as it once had, what with all the known and accused steroid users on that list. Maybe 500 readers isn’t such a big deal these days after all. Whatever. I earned those readers. I DID NOT USE STEROIDS, OR A GHOST WRITER, PERIOD.

*Fast forward two weeks later, when the news breaks that this entire blog, not to mention my book, was ghost-written by a teenage girl in the Philippines. OOPS!*

Anyway, thank you to everyone who’s subscribed to my blog. I truly do hope it’s been worth it.


cover copyA month ago today, Out Where the Buses Don’t Run was published on CreateSpace. In that time, my little collection of blogs has been made available on Amazon in paperback, and on Kindle and Smashwords.

It’s sold a modest (read: handful) amount of copies, but I’ve gotten a lot of interest on Goodreads. More than 250 readers have marked it as “to-read,” and in the Giveaway I hosted, 576 entries were submitted, and five lucky winners were chosen.

Considering it cost me next to nothing to publish my book, I’m not complaining about my sales. Far from it. My goals were to experience the craft of promotion, of getting my book and my name out there, and attracting attention and interest in my work and my blog. I’ve gotten some interest. I’ve been asked to do some interviews. But I can do more.

In the coming weeks, I’m planning on ramping up the marketing for my book. Some more discounted sales, a few Kindle giveaways, some more interviews, and reaching out to other online resources to get my book and name out there. I don’t believe there’s a short shelf life for my book.

Also, I’ve gotten my first review for Out Where the Buses Don’t Run, and it’s a doozy. A very positive review, and very funny. Yay! That review’s made me happier than this girl right here:



(I just wanted an excuse to post the “Gersberms” pic; if you don’t know what this means, the ridiculously detailed explaination to the “Ermahgerd” meme should explain everything.)


7 thoughts on “A Random Blog About Interviews, Blog Milestones, Kindle Updates, and Other Miscellany

  1. Sounds like you’re running down the right path, Gus. Keep doing the great job you’re doing. I don’t believe there’s a short shelf life for your book either. Best of luck!

  2. Ermahgerd! I lerved the stirry abert der Gersberms berks. I even downloaded a blank one to come up with some of my own. That pic is hilarious.

    I first thought this said, “Kidney Updates” and didn’t know if you were on a waiting list.

    I hate the fact that I haven’t finished your book and reviewed…just a real busy time. Many irons in the fire.

  3. Pingback: ERMAHGERD! “Der Ertrerst’s Wer” Gervahwer Werners!* | M.L. Swift, Writer

  4. I just had a quick question since you’re the only person I know enough to ask: since you published on both Smashwords and KDP, do you ever have an issue of double listing? I just finished uploading my book to Smashwords last night and I’m getting ready to do the same with KDP and I just realized it might list twice? Did you find it did that?

    When you’ve got a moment, I would appreciate any information you can give 🙂

    • If you list on SMW and KDP, they won’t list twice. KDP only lists on Amazon and KDP, and Smashwords will list on both its own website and on other premium sites – Barnes and Noble, Apple, for example – should you choose to go the premium route. I was too lazy to go the premium route on Smashwords. So you should be fine publishing on both sites.

      • Ooooh. I wasn’t sure, because SMW says they have the Kindle option. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being annoying if I put it on both places.

        Thanks so much for the information! I appreciate all your help 🙂

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