Some Very Exciting Publication News!

There are moments in your life that you’ll remember for the milestones they are. Your first kiss. The day you got married. The birth of your first child. That day you told your boss you had enough of his shit and he could fuck off and go ahead and fire you already. Real important milestones.

Another milestone is approaching, and it’s one that I’m really excited about. So excited when I received the news, I just about crapped my pants. Okay, I really didn’t crap my pants, but I was extremely excited. There might have been some accidental peeing. Maybe not.


So, without further ado, I am really excited to announce that my first book, “Out Where the Buses Don’t Run,” an anthology of blogs written between 2005 and 2012, will be available for sale via and, as well as CreateSpace’s e-site, starting next week, in both paperback and Kindle formats! AWE-FRIGGIN’-SOME!

cover copy

The description of the book, from the Goodreads book page:

In this first – and hopefully last – collection of thought-provoking essays (read: blogs), minor Internet blogging sensation Gus Sanchez tackles a variety of hard-hitting topics such as marriage, parenting, politics, racism, your lousy taste in music, hipsters, bad writers, rude supermodels, sex scandals of the rich and famous, and, um…Phil Collins.

Culled from seven years’ worth of blogs taken from such blogging platforms as MySpace, WordPress, Blogger, and Open Salon, Out Where the Buses Don’t Run is a collection of some of the best and most memorable blogs Gus Sanchez has ever posted. Well, the ones worth reprinting at least. With such classics as “How ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Ruined Male Bonding,” “I Think I’m Gay, Or: ‘I’ll Take ‘Musicals’ For $1,000, Alex!,'” “How Leggy Supermodel Christy Turlington Made Me Self-Conscious About Smiling at Strangers in Public,” and “On James Patterson, Or: You Can Shove Your Words of Wisdom Up Your Ass, You Hack!” this anthology will read less like a self-absorbed missive and more like a thoughtful yet outrageously funny insight into the human condition.


In the coming days and weeks, I’ll post some more details about release dates, where you can buy a copy (you know you want to), some giveaways I’ll be running on Goodreads, and other news involving the book. Additionally, I’ll post a sneak preview before the end of the week, an excerpt from the book that I think you’ll find both hilarious and highly disturbing. I might even do a video read of one of the pieces from the book. Stay tuned.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank you, my dear readers, for your support and generosity. You gave me the encouragement to pursue this project, as spur of the moment as it was.  From inception to completion, it took four months to go through nearly 600 previously written blogs, choose 32 of the ones I felt reached a larger audience, and then edit those for content and grammar, proofread, re-edit, re-proofread, re-edit once more, and design the cover. Not a Herculean task by any stretch, but it gave me a strong indication of what putting a book together, from a self-publishing perspective, feels like. And I’d do it again and again and again.

Thanks, you guys!

17 thoughts on “Some Very Exciting Publication News!

  1. Congrats, brother. I’ll be one of the first with a copy. If I get the paperback, will you sign it? You know, so I can say I knew you when. Oh…and now that you have this book, I see you went all “writer with jacket and scarf” on us. Very bohemian. Cool.

    Again…great job!

  2. Found you today. Read some of your posts while listening to the drenching rain outside made for a perfect backdrop against my laughing. (Love the bullshit meter). I ‘m actually compelled to check out your new book after just finding you today to see what you consider the best of your best. That says a lot about something. Was it the bullshit meter? Anyway, I’m following you now cause I must see where you go. Hey, I’m smack in-the-middle editing my first non-fiction manuscript and have plans to self-publish-ugh! I’m certain to pick up a few choice pointers along the way. Glad to have found you, now I can return to my editing.

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