Can You Judge a Book By Its Cover, Or: I Can Explain Where I’ve Been Lately

 There’s been a lack of activity from here at Out Where the Buses Don’t Run recently. Let’s play a quick game for a moment here: I’ll give you a few reasons why I’ve been incognito here, and you figure out which one is the most likely to explain my absence. Ready? GO!

A) Busy finalizing the cover for my Out Where the Buses Don’t Run anthology. Once the cover’s done, I can submit it to CreateSpace, and (finally) get a publication date. Speaking of covers, you’ll get a sneak peak below.

B) Re-writing a short story I submitted, at the request of the editor, and I’m damned glad the editor made that recommendation, because while I liked the story the first go-round, it was missing a good amount of lust and drama. Therefore, more lust, drama, and heartbreak was added, and the story was re-worked and re-submitted.

C) Glued to the TV soaking in the insanity that is March Madness. While we’re at it, raise your hand if you had Louisville (okay, more than likely you did), Syracuse, Michigan, and Wichita State (you fucking liars!) as your Final Four picks in your brackets.

D) Neck-deep into a new work assignment that has me commuting to an office for the first time in a long while. A pretty long – 40 miles each way! – commute, which isn’t all that bad considering I’m going against traffic, but still, it’s 80 miles each day. At least I’m finally catching up on listening to some podcasts I haven’t gotten a chance to hear. The good news is I’ll be given the green light to telecommute four days a week starting in a few weeks.

E) All of the above

If you answered “E,” give yourself a pat on the back.

In all seriousness, I have been pretty busy with other things in life, so my blog’s been neglected, sadly to say. In addition to not blogging, I haven’t been able to read anyone’s blogs. Case in point: I can’t read the blogs I follow at work, because for some inane reason, there are still people that insist on forcing others to browse the Internet using Internet Explorer, and an outdated version at that, and for one buggy reason or another that I can’t be bothered to explain nor understand, I can’t populate my entire Reader feed through IE. No fucking way. And trying to read blogs through the WordPress app frankly sucks, especially when I seem to be trapped in that one part of town where I can’t get AT&T’s LTE service; once you go LTE, browsing via 4G feels like downloading via dial-up.

Alright, enough of me bitching about my first-world problems…

But I will be making time to catch up and comment on blogs. I’ve been neglecting many of you for a while. I’ve also been meaning to give some further updates on what’s going on with my writing projects. I’ve also been wanting to interview some of my fellow writers and bloggers (YEAH, I KNOW, I’VE PROMISED YOU AN INTERVIEW! I’M GETTIN’ TO IT!), but right now, it’s now a matter of me prioritizing my time.

And by “prioritizing,” that includes college basketball.
Okay, so I did promise you a sneak peak at the cover to “Out Where the Buses Don’t Run.” Here goes:

 cover copy

I wanted to keep things simple, yet have the cover say something about its author, so I went with a photo collage in the hopes that it would portray something about both me and what the spirit and ethos of Out Where The Buses Don’t Run. But I swear, this was a pain in the ass for me. Writing is easy. Designing a cover, especially for someone as hopelessly inept with Photoshop as me, is a pain in the ass. At any rate, I’m fine with the cover, considering it’s my first cover. Because you know what they say about judging a book by its cover…


9 thoughts on “Can You Judge a Book By Its Cover, Or: I Can Explain Where I’ve Been Lately

  1. Patting myself on the back. 🙂 You are a busy man. Raising hand for Michigan–I live in Michigan. Nice cover. I got my proof from CS today, and there’s nothing like holding your own book in your hand. Good luck!

  2. You know, Gus, I’m proud to know you. Wonderful accomplishments! I’ve been in the same boat lately about blogging and commenting (although I have kept up with yours through my email), for different reasons, but not nearly as productive. Not productive at all. I haven’t posted in two weeks, but my last post explains a little of the things that have garnished my time, a bout of pneumonia being among them, and it doesn’t take much activity before I’m wiped. Plus, it’s hard to be creative with a fever, stuffy head, and all the near-death hacking and coughing that, I swear, is going to make my heart explode before I ever get all the gunk out.

    Of course I’m looking forward to your book. You know what I hate? Sharing something and people critiquing the hell out of it when I didn’t ask for it, however, that being said, and I hate to fall into the always-something-to-complain-about category of know-it-all twits, but I do have a suggestion.

    First off, the collage is a wonderful idea and expression of what’s in the book, since it is a melange of different posts. Very nice tie-in. The fact that your picture is on it is excellent! The only issue I have is the choice and color of fonts.

    I love 20’s art deco font…is that Gaslight? However, it gets lost on the cover and is a bit difficult to read. The thinness creates a problem, and actually, doesn’t fit the personality and voice of your posts. You’re very much an in-your-face type of guy, and art deco brings to mind the elegance of Fitzgerald. Perhaps something a little chunkier.

    This suggestion is merely that—a suggestion, but with a little bit of layout and design experience from a catalog I used to work for. Hell…I’ll read the damn thing regardless.

    Again, who can complain about a lack of posts and reading when you’ve had real writing to do? Congrats on all your accomplishments.

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