Superhero Anthology – Now Accepting Submissions‏

Getting the word out on a very good anthology I’ll be contributing to, which I hope you’ll contribute to as well. Got a really good superhero-related story you want to share? Keep reading.
Aaron Dietz is putting together a Superhero-related anthology for charity.The anthology will feature online posts from real life superheroes (blogs or Facebook updates) as well as fiction and non-fiction from new and established authors.

The book will be an exciting way to examine the fiction of superheroes becoming reality by blending real life superhero experiences with fiction as well as non-fiction works from authors who are not real life superheroes.

Real life superheroes: Please submit your finest/most exciting/most hilarious/most interesting blogs, notes, or Facebook updates.

Fiction and non-fiction authors: Please submit your finest superhero-related fiction or non-fiction, up to around 1500 words (but shorter is sweet!).

Send your submissions in a Word doc or other text-based document to:

Deadline is midnight, March 31!

Please invite others to submit!

The charity that the profits will be donated to is the Foundation for Sustainable Development.


3 thoughts on “Superhero Anthology – Now Accepting Submissions‏

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    • I’m re-working the opening to my novel to fit your word limits, and I should have it to you by the end of the weekend. Glad to know a few people have already responded!

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