What’s Up With Me, Writing-Wise

With the upcoming Second Inauguration of President Obama coming, I figured it’s time for a State of My Union address regarding my writing. Actually, no excuses necessary, I just feel like telling you, that’s all.

I – The Novel, AKA, The Work in Progress

After giving the first draft of the novel I completed during NaNoWriMo a good read-through, I’ve come to expect, with reservation, that the first draft was crap. Not that festering, steaming, your-baby-accidentally-ate-an-entire-can-of-chili-and-shit-her-diapers-full crappy, but it’s in need of some fixin’. Slowly, but surely, a re-write is taking place. I found the narrative too dark at times; at times, I was going into Hubert Selby, Jr/Nick Tosches territory, and as much as I love those two writers, their writing style isn’t something I’m comfortable with.

I was drawn most to the psyche of my main character, someone very flawed and wounded, yet very much in denial of his pain, and the pain he’s caused others. In other words, an asshole, albeit a charming one.

The way I’m re-editing the novel, I’m approaching it this way: what if Philip Roth wrote The Dark Knight Returns?

II – The Interview Thread

So far, I’m really enjoying the interview thread. I posted my first interview, with the lovely Rebecca Douglass this past week, and I plan on posting a few more in the coming weeks, once I’ve completed my first round of interviews and have reached out to other folks who have graciously agreed to be interviewed

If you’d like to be interviewed by me, feel free to drop me a line at gus_sanchez1971@hotmail.com and I’ll add you to the list of torture victims interview subjects.

III – Out Where the Buses Don’t Run: THE BOOK!

Yes! You read right! There will be an Out Where the Buses Don’t Run book! I’m compiling an anthology of blogs I’ve written over the past seven years, entitled Seven Years of Rants, Raves, Dirty Jokes, and Bad Ideas From a Small But Loud Corner of the Blogosphere. It’s taken me a few weeks to dig through my blog archives – I always keep a hard copy of all the blogs I’ve written – and have chosen 26 of my favorites that will make up this anthology. I will be self-publishing this very soon; I’m going through many options of what the right self-publishing format for me, and hopefully I’ll have this anthology printed and in your hands very soon.

You are going to buy it, right?


5 thoughts on “What’s Up With Me, Writing-Wise

  1. Looking forward to buying this collection of blogs! The section that you spoke of your novel and the festering crap-filled diaper brought me to actually laugh out loud-which is a big deal.
    Thoroughly enjoyed!

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