The Addictive Blogger Award

It’s been my honor to have received The Addictive Blog Award, from my fellow blogger M.L. Swift. I’m quite pleased that M.L. finds my blog addictive. But, seriously, if his addiction starts to get out of hand, I’m not sure if there are any blog rehab clinics in sunny Malibu to help cure his jones.

Still, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank M.L. for awarding this nice award to me. If you haven’t read his blog, please do so. It’s a howl. He’s one of the funniest bloggers around, and I foresee big things for him. If he doesn’t make those big things happen, then I look like an ass, and then I’ll have to kill him.

With every award, of course there are guidelines to follow:

  1. Thank the person awarding you. (check)
  2. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started. (below)
  3. Paste the blog award on your page. (above)
  4. Nominate other bloggers you feel deserve the award.(bottom)


Why I Blog and How It All Got Started

I started blogging back in the fall of 2005, when I used to hang out at MySpace. For all the crap you had to endure there – Tila Tequila, anyone? – MySpace had an outstanding blogging platform. I made many friends there, and built quite a name for myself there.

Back then, my blogs were about me waxing poetic about all kinds of subjects. Politics, sports, music, sex, and whatever random thoughts and observations came to mind. Then MySpace lost its luster, and everyone moved to where the cool kids hung out – Facebook. Suddenly, MySpace felt like an abandoned amusement park on the Internet. You visited your profile for sentimentality’s sake. And I hate being sentimental.

The problem with Facebook – among its many problems – is that you couldn’t blog there. Oh, sure, “Notes” is what they called their blog, but who was Mark Zuckerberg kidding? Zucky probably hates blogging anyway. Inevitably, I searched for other platforms where I could blog. Open Salon was one such site, and it was fine for a while, but unless you’re a political blogger, you’re really not going to get much exposure there.

Then there’s Blogger. I really don’t care for Blogger. Yes, I know there are millions of Bloggers who use Blogger, and you’re probably one of them, and I’m sure you like blogging there, but I just could never warm myself to it. As such, there was a good two-year period in which I pretty much stopped blogging.

I made the decision this past summer to blog again, primarily as a form of therapy, to help me work out some issues that had been bugging me for some time. Since Out Where the Buses Don’t Run came online in August 2012, I’ve focused primarily on blogging about the writing process and my work-in-progress, with the occasional confessional blog here and there. What started almost as a lark, back in August, became a focus, something that gave me a true sense of purpose once again.

And that’s why I blog.


Alright, here’s the part where I’m supposed to nominate 5 bloggers, but since blogging is a truly democratic process, feel free to nominate yourselves. You have the power to blog. Therefore, you’re pretty addictive as a blogger yourselves, so thank you.


12 thoughts on “The Addictive Blogger Award

  1. I see you take a laissez-faire attitude when passing on blog awards just like I do. I used to say things like, “If you’re on my blogroll, the award is yours.” Oops, just got rid of my blogroll. Now what am I supposed to do?… 😉

  2. I share your dislike of Blogger – it is a silly place. My ramblings have found a much happier home on WordPress. I do agree with the above comment about your copping out on nominations though – I’m in need of some good recommendations for blogs to read!

    • I didn’t like Blogger’s notification system – or lack thereof. I do know Blogger’s undergone some modifications, so maybe things have gotten better, but WordPress does exactly what I want it to do.

      If you’re keen on recommendations, just feel free to follow some of the folks who comment on my blogs. Carrie Rubin, for example, is someone you should be checking out. She’s worth the read.

  3. Yes. I’m a howl. A fucking scream. It’s good to be over here with the grown-ups, where I can drink and cuss and indulge in all my other addictive, vice-filled behaviors. It’s tough being a YA role model.

    And I’m a relatively happy Blogger user. Yeah…I’ve gotten aggravated with them on many occasions (they’ve been up and down for the last few days, right when I was redesigning my blog). The way my main blog is set up, I have tabs that link to my other blogs (I wasn’t satisfied with creating a simple page). That way, you don’t have to scroll your ass off to get to the latest entry – it posts like a blog entry. Go check it out. I’m a genius. I mean, it’s pretty ingenious. Anyway…on EVERY redesign, Blogger jagged up and froze. Right at the end. Had to start from scratch. And yesterday I could barely get on. ARGH.

    But…I’m a Google fan. And I think Blogger is tied into Google. Honestly Gus…if you want, why don’t you write up a comparison of Blogger to WordPress? Seriously. I’m very interested to hear your thoughts about the pros and cons you’ve encountered on each. Other than the technical glitches, Blogger’s been okay for me, but I notice most of the heavy-hitters use WordPress, and if I’m going to make a move, I’d like to do it soon. Do you have a paid account? DEETS! It would truly be a beneficial comparison.

    I was on MySpace for like, five seconds. I wasn’t into blogging then (I only joined to keep in touch with nieces and nephews) and couldn’t stand the site. I had an old desktop and it took forever to load all the bells and whistles on everybody’s page.

    You’ve been doing this since 2005? No wonder you’re so good. When I grow up, I want to be just like you! 🙂 I’ve only been blogging for three months, so there’s still much to learn.

    One last thing…since we both have large reading goals set up for the year, I’m starting a once-a-month book club on my site. Books on crafting. And a fiction book every fourth month. I’ll be posting the guidelines and sign-up list in my post tomorrow. I’d really like to see the ol’ Guster there. You’d have a lot to contribute. It’s essentially writing a review on the book once a month, which will help in my goal to do more reviews and post on Goodreads.

    Think about it. You others, too.

    • One thing about my blog: cursing is not only permissible, it’s pretty fucking mandatory. So feel free to fucking curse all you want.

      The only thing I paid for on WordPress is the domain name, hence the reason why you don’t see the suffix to my URL. I’m also going to add my own name URL to this site, so users will be able to Google me and find this site; you can’t search my name and find this site, not yet at least.

      I hated MySpace’s coding; their site made my browsers crash repeatedly, but their blogging platform was first-rate, which was why I put up with their crap.

      Hey, I went ahead and added you on Goodreads. I’d like to take part in your evil experiment, so keep me posted.

      • I’ll get to updating all my Goodreads crap in the morning. I’m terribly behind in keeping them current. Or even doing anything with them. I’ve got to do much better on my reviews.

        Here is the down-low on the book club:

        This is the way I figure it…I’m going to be reading books on writing. I’m going to be writing reviews on Goodreads. Then I’m going to post those reviews on my blog. Why not ask people if they want to do it with me? It will benefit all involved. It’ll put another how-to under your belt, a review/clip in your repertoire, and a feather in your cap. Then just check out three other reviews of club members.

        If you don’t have the time or book that month, post the badge and pass. I’ll get things started by just assigning the first two books, but am taking suggestions. And every fourth month we’ll throw some good fiction in the mix.

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