Interviews, Anyone?

One thing I’d like to do here on Out Where The Buses Don’t Run is conduct interviews with fellow writers. Especially those who are locked in their works-in-progress right now. Whether you took part in NaNoWriMo or not, it doesn’t matter. I’d like to use this interview series as a way to get to know more about my fellow writers and their approach to writing, as well as some interesting tidbits they’d like to share with me and my readers.

The interview will work like this, assuming you’re in: I’ll send you a few questions via e-mail. Your response to my questions will then prompt a few more questions from me. Another round of responses from you, and perhaps one final round of questions from me. Some questions about what you’re writing, what’s your take on writing, and perhaps some non-writing related questions, like “what was your worst experience in high school like?”

I’ll post the interview on my site, and you cross-post to your blog as well. The way I see it, your blog will earn you a few more readers, and you reposting the interview earns me a few more readers in return. It’s a win-win, I say.

If you’re interested, let me know in the Comments section below. I’ll give you my e-mail address and we’ll get the interview process started.

So who’s with me?



28 thoughts on “Interviews, Anyone?

  1. I’m game. Do I have to come up with smarmy answers about my process? My process usually involves some cussing and a morose attitude, occasionally with a side of negative self talk. That is, of course, how I know I’m a real writer.

  2. Would love to do this. . . just a little concerned because I keep my blog clean (my book is juvvy, so though I’m pretty sure it’s mostly adults reading, a kid COULD wander in there). Are you still willing to interview someone who doesn’t cuss much?

  3. Can I still sign up? Does it matter if I’m outside your genre? I’m in if you’ll have me… sounds exactly like where I am: in the middle of writing something.

  4. I love this idea and I can’t wait to read some! It looks as if you’ve got plenty of willing volunteers so far, but I’d be happy to take part if you’re ever short of someone to interrogate. I’m not sure if I’m quite what you’re looking for as a part-time, unpublished writer who is very new to this whole blogging thing – but I’d like to think I still have the occasional interesting thing to say!

    • Hi Emily, if you’d like to participate in the interview, I’d love to interview you! I think your status as a part-timer, working towards becoming a published writer (just like me) is one of the perspectives I’m looking for, so, yes, I think you’d have something interesting to say.

      So send me an e-mail at gus_sanchez1971@hotmail and I’ll send you some questions here very soon. Thanks!

      • That’s great news! I’ll send you an email now. I hope this sort of blog post catches on, I’d love to see more of the same popping up all over the internet!

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  6. Oh I would so love to be IN. lts not like the world has enough information or anything, it simply doesn’t have enough about US. This sounds delicious, Gus. I would be honored to play and happy to publicize your terrific blog.

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