The Yule is Upon Us, Y’All!

It’s Christmas Eve, I’m at my in-laws for the next few days, there’s a metric shit-ton of food on the kitchen counter to pick at, and things are pretty damned good right now. Plus, there’s a bottle of beer with my name on it: Sex Viking. I may attack it tonight or tomorrow. Good thing we’re staying until Wednesday.

Christmas with the family can sometimes be a harrowing experience. I can’t tell you how many times things at my house growing up went a bit out of hand because someone showed up too late, against my mom’s wishes, or someone brought up some past resentments. But there were also plenty of great Christmas memories. With a five-year-old daughter now beginning to understand the importance and awesomeness of Christmas, they’re becoming more important for me and my family again.

I’m looking forward to Christmas morning. My daughter’s getting a gift she’s completely not expecting – yet is going to love – and my wife will be getting something completely unexpected. Which she will no doubt love, then ask, “How the hell did you pay for this?” I’m not gonna tell!

May your Christmas be greeted with the warmth of family love. May all the presents under the tree be exactly what you asked for, or at least pleasantly surprising.

May this be a very Merry Christmas for you and your loved ones.


One thought on “The Yule is Upon Us, Y’All!

  1. I’m sitting here against my faux fur-lined back pillow, the kind with the side arms, in Absolut Comfort. I could make a freaking vodka commercial. This gift will get daily use, as my mornings are usually spent in bed, answering emails and reading blogs for a couple of hours whilst I drink my coffee and wake up. The new Kindle is charging, and I’m about to break into the Hershey’s Special Dark to nibble on with this Peruvian coffee.

    We have my sister’s family visiting, which includes an eight-year-old nephew, who, upon seeing the empty cup and plate of cookie crumbs, exclaimed, “I told you Santa was real! He ate the cookies and drank the milk!” His friends had been telling him he wasn’t. Oh…the innocence of youth.

    May you and yours have a blessed and merry Christmas, Gus. It’s been a gift coming to know you these past couple of months. And best wishes for a fruitful and prosperous New Year!

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