Day…what? 20? Already?

I’m not going to give you my word count. It’s almost at 30K, and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten to update my word counts on the NaNo site.  I’m not going to bitch about my novel. If you’re like me, you’ve experienced the rush of cranking out words, the words ceaselessly flying from your brain and through your fingertips, and you don’t want that rush to end, ever. You’ve also experienced that moment when you’ve come to the horrible realization that you’re probably writing 3 or 4 novels at once, and nothing you’re writing makes any sense. You’ve gnashed your teeth down to your gums, you’ve pounded your fists on your desk, and the letters G, H, J, K, and L have likely been imprinted on your forehead, a direct result from you facepalming yourself with your laptop.

Who cares? Keep going. No one ever said writing was easy. Well, except the women that wrote all those Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey books. And just so you don’t think I’m full of shit, Chuck Wending once again has come to your rescue with more sage advice. Read it and weep: Failing Versus Quitting (Or, “Your Lack of Confidence is Neither Interesting Nor Unique”)

Perfect words for me right now. The WIP isn’t going the way I want it to go, and frankly, I’m not sure how it should go, but there’s no way in hell I’m giving up. I didn’t come this far just to turn around with my proverbial tail between my legs. If I’m failing, I’m failing in a guns-blazing, Butch-and-Sundance-versus-the-entire-Bolivian-army kind of way. If you’re going to succeed, succeed big. If you’re going to fail, fail epic, if you’ve come this far, at least.

Thanks to everyone who’s been cheering me on and offering suggestions and encouragement. I want to take this moment to let you know I truly appreciate your kindness. Especially my comrade-in-writing and whisky, Xenogirl, who graciously called me a “literary rock star” after I busted out 12,000 words in 4 days.

I don’t feel like a rock star. Well, not now, at least. A week ago, I felt like Springsteen after a four-hour set rocking the shit out of 70,000 adoring and screaming fans. Today, I feel like Loverboy trying to work up a disinterested crowd at the Kenosha County Fair.



And by the way, as I’m reading No Plot? No Problem, or: The Official NaNoWriMo Cheerleading Manual, the one question that hasn’t been answered is this: WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU CHOOSE NOVEMBER? What are you, Chris Baty, some kind of family-less, friendless heathen that chooses to remain in a hermetical cocoon during the months of November and December, knowing full well that November is always the month when we’re all forced to get all holly and jolly and shove turkey down our throats and decorate our trees and light our menorahs, or fucking else?

Time to rebel. I hereby declare August as the new National Novel Writing Month (AuNaNoWriMo). Why August? No holidays to speak of, unless you’re Europeans who take their holidays off and invade our beloved shores and give your hard-earned Euros to Mickey Mouse and his mafia – and  if that’s the case, why not take a holiday elsewhere and concentrate on writing rather than show off your new Speedos on South Beach? Because, honestly, we Americans need a break from you Eurotrash types, merci. Nothing ever happens in August. Nothing. Plus you get 31 days, not 30, so there’s an extra day you can use to write and pad your numbers, or just take a well-deserved day off from writing. Who’s with me? HO-OHHHHH!

On a side note, this blog has received more than 2,000 views (2,038 as of 10AM EST)  since it first came online August 29th of this year. My first post was a simple introduction, and, to be honest, my expectations were reasonably low. I first got the blogging bug when I was on MySpace; that site had a fantastic blogging format, and if you were inclined towards verbosity and flat-out bullshittery like I am, MySpace was the perfect blog host for you. MySpace itself, on the other hand…between friend requests from lame bands, constant profile hacking, and, um…Tila Tequila, it was like living in a bizarre apartment building where the rent was cheap but the tenants were questionable in both their tastes and their sanity. Once MySpace bit the dust, and everyone migrated over to Facebook – which never adopted a blogging format, since Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like to share his feelings, unless those feelings involve fucking with your privacy – I moved my blog to sites like Blogspot and Open Salon. But they weren’t the same. Gone was the magic of finding other blogs to read, and for others to discover yours. Open Salon was worse; unless your blog was 100% political in nature, no one wanted to read your petty stories; there are neoconservatards to bash, liberal wingnuts to demonize. HATE OBAMA! LOVE OBAMA! USA! USA!

Ugh. That blog site made my head hurt.

WordPress seems different though, and, dare I say, a lot like MySpace’s blog format. Blogs are easy to find. The notifications are superb. Best yet, the blogs I’m reading on a daily basis are fun and insightful and honest. Gotta love it. Plus, the whole stats thing is exactly the kind of ego boost my blogging needs. 120 followers, 2000+ views, and all this in less than 3 months. It took me years to earn that kind of following on other sites.

I guess, for me, the magic is back.

Thanks for finding and following my blog, and letting me share a little of the magic inside of me and you.

Wait…that sounded wrong.

9 thoughts on “NaNoWriMoBlahBlahBlah

  1. I was going to vote for moving NaNo to March. I mean, a month when there is NOTHING good to do outdoors. Too early for all but the lowest deserts for flowers, snow is going to crap in the mountains but not gone enough to allow for hiking, and no big holidays.

    August isn’t so good. We start August in the mountains then have to race home and get everyone off to start a new school year. If I’m going to write a novel in a month, it’s gonna have to be March. I’d pick February if it weren’t so short (plus the kids have a whole week off from school–sure death to a writing schedule).

    As for WordPress–I’m wishing I’d had better advice before I started blogging on Blogger. When my year is up (bought my domain name) I may see if I can change and still keep the name.

  2. March wouldn’t be good for me. For one, St. Patrick’s Day comes down like a tsunami of frosty and frothy goodness at the middle of the month, and then March Madness kicks in, and that’s an itch I can’t scratch. I need to be glued to my TV watching Kentucky rip apart Northern Kenosha State apart like greedy honey badgers tear through a defenseless wombat just for the sheer hell of it.

  3. Duh…. 12,000 words in four days DOES make you a literary rock star or possibly just hopped up on some spectacular drugs (which you really should be sharing with me right about now). If you are actually wearing shiny Loverboy spandex rockstar pants and desperately clutching at a microphone… then please also post a blog photo immediately for the enjoyment of those of us cheering you on here in the Kenosha County Fair bleacher seats.

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