Five Days Later…My NaNoWriMo Experience, So Far

Hey there, NaNers! What’s up?

Just a quick note to fill you in on what my NaNoWriMo experience has been for me so far. Also, just letting you know that I’m still alive, I haven’t gone off the deep end, and NaNoWriMo hasn’t killed me…yet!

As of yesterday, Day 5, these are my stats:



Day 4 was my best writing day, having cranked out 3,468 words. Even though I’m 51 words ahead of schedule – again, as of November 5th – I was hoping to be at least a few hundred words ahead, just to give myself something of a cushion, just to take some unforeseen difficulties (i.e., anything that would keep me from hunkering down and writing a few hours per day) that would stop my progress.

The good thing is I’m working from home just about every day this month, so I’ll have a few moments here and there, along with the early morning and late evening hours I’m allotting myself just for writing.

I’m noticing a couple of trends:

  1. For all the outlining and plotting I’ve done last month, I’m veering off the plan. That’s actually a good thing. I know how I want the story to end, and how it will progress. Oddly enough, it’s the opening section that’s got me in a bind. Something tells me I’m going to likely pants my way through this. Pantsing!
  2. I had planned to write according to how I plotted the entire story. So far, not happening. I’m writing scenes instead, focusing on the middle sections. Lots of great dialogue taking place, a couple of monologues even. Thank goodness for dialogue; talk about racking up word counts!
  3. Normally, I would be worrying about the opening chapter, but I’ve already got it in my head that the 2000+ words I wrote on November 1st pertaining to that opening chapter aren’t likely going to survive the first draft edits. Oh well. Not sweating it.

So how’s your NaNoWriMo experience been so far? I’m sure you’ve been blogging about it, but I’ve been absent from here for a few days, and I’ve got a lot of blog reading to catch up to, so just give me a 25-word summary, won’t ya? What’s been good for you? Bad? What’s surprised you so far?

Ready to throw in the towel? DON’T YOU DARE!

Remember, this is supposed to be fun. Make it fun, NaNers.

Oh, and feel free to buddy me, and I’ll buddy you back.


9 thoughts on “Five Days Later…My NaNoWriMo Experience, So Far

  1. My experience is like yours. I plotted, and am remaining true to plot (sorta…veering off in directions I didn’t imagine) but it’s loosely connected scenes and characterizations. Dialogue. This “free range writing” is different for me (I edit the hell out of things as I write). And it’s turning out … great. Well, better than expected. I’ve got to research LOTS of things to make it work, now. To get deeper and more realistic. Second draft. Yeah, I’m blogging about it through the month, too.

    I’m not trying for the actual 1667/day, but more the average. I’m only able to fit in marathon days and some sprints. Don’t have each day free like that.

  2. Hey dude – this isn’t directly related to this post, but I’ve been asked to participate in a Blog Hop thing, which essentially means that I do a short interview about my novel and then link to you doing an interview about yours. You know, spread the readers around. Interested? You’re one of the few other NaNo bloggers who’d I’d actually feel pretty good about linking people to.

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