NaNoWriMo, Starbucks, Football (Both Kinds) and James Bond, Or: A Random Blog For a Sunday Afternoon

This blog post comes courtesy of Starbucks’ wi-fi, which comes courtesy of AT&T. I’d been wanting to take a few hours to go sit at one of the 376 Starbucks within a 10-mile radius and enjoy a few cups of coffee and a very delicious pumpkin scone and do some writing. Or at the very least, sit in front of my laptop and poach their wi-fi. Hey, I’m paying for it…sort of. I’ve had the luxury of some alone time this week – my wife and daughter are with my in-laws until tonight – but I really hadn’t had a good 4-5 hours where I wasn’t occupied with one thing or another that would have prevented me from coffee and blogging outside the comfort of my home.

First, I’d planned to go to a local pub to watch the Chelsea-Manchester United match. Noon EST kick-off, which meant I need to be at the pub by 11; Courtyard Hooligans is about the size of a spare bedroom and gets super-crowded for matches like this, which makes the fire department lose their shit. BUT…I slept until 11:15 instead. It’s not often I get to sleep past 8AM. Oh well. I made some brunch and watched the match – a spirited yet sloppy affair punctuated, quite negatively, by a couple of HORRENDOUS calls from the referee….oh, and my beloved United won, 3-2 – from the comfort of my home. And I even cleaned up around the house while watching the match. Not that the house was a disaster during my alone time; I’m kind of a neat freak, so I’m constantly making sure things get put away, laundry gets washed and folded, dishes placed in the dishwasher, etc…it’s the OCD in me.

Suck it, Chelsea!

Three days and counting before NaNoWriMo kicks off. I should be feeling a slight twinge of panic, but I’m really feeling impatience more than anything. I’ve done with outlining, for now. For the most part, I’ve gotten into the heads of my protagonist and antagonist, but all I really want is to get this bastard started. But not before firing up Scrivener and jotting down a few more notes, some things to keep in mind when the Moment of Truth kicks off November 1st. My last post mentioned my thought process on tweaking my antagonist and making him not-so-evil. Funny, I’m thinking if I can nail my antagonist’s backstory, I can make my protagonist’s story and conflict even better. And that’s why I’m anxious to get started. No panic.

Actually, I am feeling a bit verklempt; there’s a slight possibility I might lost some time on November 1st and 2nd. I’m travelling to D.C. the night of the 1st, and spending the next 36 hours there, culminating in my wife and I attending the USO Gala. We were invited to this annual black tie affair celebrating the USO – my wife’s employer counts the military as one of their biggest clients, so she earned an invite this year for her work supporting the military sales teams – and this would be my opportunity to look like James Bond for one night.

But my James Bond fetish might cost me a few thousand words. No matter. I’ll find the time on the 1-hour flight to write. I’m free Friday, so I’ll hunker down in the hotel room and squeeze a few hundred words out. The point is, no matter if it’s 1700 or 750 words, better to write something than write nothing, because there’s nothing worse during NaNoWriMo than to kick off the month and write zilch.

Meanwhile, I’m checking e-mail, writing this blog post, and following the Giants-Cowboys game on SI.

(The Giants are up 23-0 right now? Wow…I love this! Remind me to tell you how I almost streaked down my block when my beloved Giants won the Super Bowl…yeah, I was beyond intoxicated…surprise!)

By the way, I forgot to mention this about NaNoWriMo: if you haven’t found your region, you should do so. I’ve found several WriMos (that’s what participants are known as, but I prefer “NaNers,” as in “you’re ba-naners for doing this 30-day writing thing…) that are interested in doing Write-Ins (basically, you pick a public spot, preferably a location that serves coffee and pastries and has plenty of power outlets) during NaNoWriMo. Finding local support, I think, is just as important as having online support, whether it’s on your blog or as writing buddies on NaNoWriMo.

With 3 days going, how are you, my fellow lunatics NaNers getting yourselves ready for next month? If you haven’t done so, feel free to buddy me on the NaNo site, and I’ll buddy you back and hurl sheets of abuse give you all the support you need during NaNoWriMo.

Ready? I know you are.

(Oh, look, the Cowboys scored. The Giants must have felt sorry for them…23-7 Big Blue.)


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, Starbucks, Football (Both Kinds) and James Bond, Or: A Random Blog For a Sunday Afternoon

  1. You are awesome Gus. Crazy, but awesome.

    Dallas almost had that game. I married a Cowboy fan, so we were glued to the game. Ah well. I’m a diehard Falcon, so I’m finally having a great year!

    I hope Sandy doesn’t mess up your travel plans. Could be nasty up there.

    Good luck you loony NaNer. I’m not doing it (my crazy is my first marathon), but I’ll cheer you on here. Go Gus!!!

    • You can’t be a Giants fan if you can’t take the way the Giants can make a good thing bad at the drop of a hat. Ugh. They got lucky…lucky.

      I think the worst of Sandy will pass before I make it to DC, so hopefully she won’t monkey my plans up too much.

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