A Sobering Thought For Writers Everywhere


Every 24 minutes, James Patterson completes a new novel.



13 thoughts on “A Sobering Thought For Writers Everywhere

  1. When I first learned that Patterson was more an actual franchise than an author with houses of author to churn out his stories, I vowed to never read one of his stories out of conscious effort. Which means, I won’t ever knowingly see James Patterson and say, “Hey, I want to read that.” But, if a book catches my eye, and it happens to be Patterson doesn’t mean I wont read it.

  2. Never read him but I just looked at his bibliography. That’s a lot of books and I wonder how much he contributes to the collaborations?

    • Simple: Patterson’s a master at outlining his works, and once he has the outlined fleshed out, he simply tosses it to one of his minions to do his dirty work.

      I swear, that’s almost like cheating. Here goes: James Patterson is the Lance Armstrong of writing.

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