9 thoughts on “25 Ways to Get Your Creative Groove Back as a Writer (Repost)

  1. #25 seems to be the one I most need–the one about sitting my butt down at the desk and actually writing.

    I’ve got the nutrition and exercise down pretty well. Especially exercise. You do know that stuff’s addictive, right?

  2. There’s a lot to be said about the benefits of exercise, especially when it comes to writing. Chuck makes an excellent point regarding that: being in good physical health means you’re also in good shape to write. Since I enjoy running, I tend to think and revise a lot during my runs, so that’s helped me a great deal.

    • I’m impressed, Gus. I can seldom complete a coherent thought when running. I do a little better when biking, but even at that, my great ideas are too often either forgotten or turn out to be less great than I thought.

      • The only reason why I think is to distract myself from the pain, like when your shins suddenly feel like they’re about to explode. No matter, I’ve got a mental map I’m writing in my head. I can’t be bothered with such trivialities as physical pain.

  3. Gus,
    Thanks… What’s this about the outside zone? Does Chuck means outside of Canada? What if I don’t understand the language?
    Le Clown

  4. Oh man, this really kicks ass. I’m so glad you shared it. I would rather quit moaning, fail, map, quit eating donuts dipped in chocolate milk (which I really don’t do, but damn, that sounds good!)… Okay, I’d rather do all 24 items on the list except # 3 “Read Something Utterly Shitty That Somehow Got Published” because that means I’d have to read 50 Shades and (stomps foot) I don’t want to! But wait, I did read that Patterson book that one time, so I guess that’ll suffice.

    Seriously, I enjoyed it, thanks. On The Bloggess’ site I saw this linked, “Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing.” You’d probably enjoy it, if you haven’t seen it yet:

    Also on that same site, I saw this and enjoyed it too:

    And like you, I enjoy running so that I can process lots of those wandering thoughts in my head. Still working on a way to capture those thoughts though- I’ve tried texting myself in shorthand and the voice memo thing, but usually I’m like WTF was I saying? It’s like scribbled notes in the middle of the night reread the next morning. I’m lucky if I understand 10% of what I jotted down in my haze; I come up with some real doozies on Ambien.

    I’m going to add you to my blogroll of “other awesome blogs and cool people.” Hope that’s cool with you. Have a great day! ~ Christy

    • Where’s the “I LOVE THIS COMMENT” button for your comment?

      Gaiman’s comment on your friends giving you advice is spot-on. It’s a piece of advice I’ve taken to heart.

      I’m lucky in that I’m able to recall things pretty quickly, so whatever conversations I’ve had in my head, I can bring them up again without the use of pen and paper, or the voice memo function on my iPhone while I’m out running. Besides, I wouldn’t want to hear my voice while I’m running; I’m sure I’d sound like some kind of breathless pervert.

      Thank you for adding me to your blogroll of awesome. I’m honored.

      • Huh, so *that’s* why everyone wants to listen to my recorded running thoughts. And here I thought I was just being brilliant.

        Well it’s also the blogroll of “strange folks,” but I like to think you fall under the other categories of talented writers, nice people and awesome blogs too.

        Hey I’m going to suggest you to one of my friends “good 2 be gone.” He has been writing some really cool short stories lately; I’m behind in my reading and commenting on his site, but he kind of has a Gaiman/King flavor to him, and I think he’d dig your style and feedback too. Just a heads up in case you see him or he sees you or something like that… His site is: http://good2begone.wordpress.com/

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