Random Posts For a Friday Afternoon

Being it’s Friday, I thought I’d post a few random links of writing and literature-related stuff I found while trying to search the entire Internet.


A Comprehensive and Totally Universal Listing of Every Problem a Story Has Ever Had – no kidding, this really is comprehensive. And eye-opening. The advice won’t necessarily lead to your work being published, but it’ll help you toughen up those areas in which writers tend to stumble.

Charles Bukowski Tells the Story of His Worst Hangover Ever – You know it’s a killer hangover when the Bard of Booze is like, “Holy hell, that was a horrible hangover!”

Seven Strange Writing Rituals – Yeah. I didn’t need to envision Victor Hugo naked.

Ten Rules for Writing Fiction – This one’s been making the rounds on the Interwebz for some time now, but they’re more rules on being a writer than the art of writing itself. I particularly liked Richard Ford’s advice, even if he’s a jackass.

And, finally, I love this t-shirt, knowing how fond I am of these kinds of t-shirts:


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