Wearing My Literary Interests

I admit I’m pretty nerdy about my interests. I wear my nerdy interests on my sleeve. Sometimes, I wear my nerdy interests.

I have a pretty extensive collection of t-shirts. I’d say over 200, but it could be more. The t-shirts reflect my varied interests, whether those interests are music, film, literature, sports, humor, etc. I count at least 20 Star Wars-themed t-shirts. Some of my t-shirts are so beloved, I even wash them in a delicate cycle, as to not shrink them. I’m protective of them, to say the least. I have a New Order t-shirt that’s pretty rare; you’d have to kill me in order to get your hands on it.

A few of my favorite tees are lit-related. This one below is my favorite:

Geez, I look like such a sad bastard here.

Sadly, the print shop from where I purchased this from has gone out of business. A shame, really, because they came up with some pretty creative designs based on Slaughterhouse Five, On the Road, Pride and Prejudice, and other classics.

Keeping up with the Vonnegut theme, I saw this one the other day, from Novel-T:

I’d say Kilgore Trout would be a pitcher, a southpaw with a nasty breaking ball.

Of course I bought it. It’s a clever mashup of literature and sports. There are also several doozies (the Darwin one I’m seriously considering as a purchase) to choose from, and they’re available in Men’s and Women’s sizes.

I recently got my hands on this one, from the wonderful WORD bookstore in Brooklyn:

That is not me, by the way.

I like the design. Simple, catchy, hipster. It’s also printed on a lightweight cotton, which always feels good on me.

Finally, there’s Out of Print Clothing, which features some spectacular t-shirts with out-of-print books covers emblazoned on the shirts. I’d buy them all if I could, but I’d narrow my purchases down to the Lolita tee, the Slaughterhouse Five tee, the Moby Dick tee, the Fahrenheit 451 tee, and the In the Night Kitchen tee.

Every purchase goes for a good cause: one book is donated to a community in need through our partner Books For Africa.

I’m running out of space to house these tees, to tell you the truth!


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