My First Blogging Award!

Wowzers! I’m been blogging here for just about a week now, and I’ve already been nominated for a One Lovely Blogger Award!

First off, a very big thank you to Sean O. Murphy, curator of the very fine Very Novel blog, for the nomination. It comes as a welcome surprise. So, again, thank you very much! And if you’re not doing so already, follow Sean’s blog; it’s a great resource for writers and the business of being a writer. His thoughtful blogs have been a great source of help for me so far.

With this nomination comes some important responsibilities. What kind of responsibilities? Glad you asked!


Include the blog award logo in your post.

Thank the person who nominated you.

Nominate 15 other people, and let them know you have done so.

FAQs (for those who are a bit unclear about the Rules)

Q: So what should you do when you’re nominated for a Lovely Blogger Award?

A: Say thank you, accept the award, and play along.

Q. Play along to what?

A. State Seven Random Things about yourself. Be sure to title this “Seven Random Things About Myself.” Once that’s done, nominate 15 fellow bloggers, and let them know they’ve been nominated. Do so by posting a comment on their blog. Wherever is fine. They’ll know. This way, we can keep this tag going, kind of like those blog tags we used to do on MySpace.

Q. MySpace? You just dated yourself.

A. Yes I did. MySpace was where my blogging baptism of fire took place. It’s the platform from where I blogged on such topics as my teeth-gnashing hatred for George W. Bush, my wife’s then-pregnancy, and a spirited defense of the much-maligned discography of Phil Collins. Not to mention random blogs about beer and boobs. All this from a NetZero dial-up account, with blazing download speeds of up to 49.9K. MY GOD! HOW WAS I GOING TO HANDLE SUCH FAST DOWNLOAD SPEEDS?

Q. NetZero?

A. Oh shut up.

The blogs I’ve nominated below reflect some of the diverse interests I have. All are blogs from fellow writers, discussing their craft, their ambitions, their insecurities, their successes, and failures. Several go deeper past the writing craft, blogging openly and eloquently about personal issues dear to themselves. Other blogs are just damned funny. Give ’em a read, won’t you?

Seven Random Things About Me

  1. I once streaked across the cafeteria in college. Actually, this isn’t true; a few people claimed the streaker looked a lot like me. It wasn’t me, but I went along with the rumor, just for notoriety’s sake.
  2. I sat across Diana Ross at the waiting room of a gynecologist’s office. Why I was at a gynecologist’s office really isn’t important right now.
  3. I’ve memorized my library card number. And my wife’s, as well.
  4. I can easily make the claim of being a “true” New Yorker: born in the city of New York, the county of New York, and the state of New York. So there.
  5. I  am one of the finest air drummers on the planet.
  6. I’ve read Gravity’s Rainbow three times, Dune eight times, and Ball Four every spring from 1995 to 2002.
  7. I have never had a single bone broken in my body.

And now, the nominees:


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